Dr. Douglas Young (left) and Professor Emeritus Dr. D. Parker Young (right)

University of Georgia Professor Emeritus Dr. D. Parker Young, who has been the leading national authority on higher education law since the late 1960’s, spoke to a group of students and faculty on the University of North Georgia Gainesville Campus on August the 2nd, 2018.

The host of topics Dr. Young covered includes campus hate speech codes, first amendment, fourth amendment, and fourteenth amendment student body issues, as well as sexual harassment, affirmative action, and social host alcohol liability law.

Having been involved in education law since the 1960’s, Dr. Young was able to navigate through a comparison of old school policies as compared to modern day rulings. Dr. Young explained that in the past there were issues that America has since majorly evolved past. ‘Old School Issues,’ such as dress regulation policies involving hair and clothing standards, have seemed to be mostly conquered and left in favor of newer and different issues, such as the implementation of Equal Opportunity, the American Disability Act, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Dr. Young explained that future Supreme Court cases could come to answer some of the lingering questions on how to enact many new policies, and that the federal and local governments also play a large part in the legalities of Education Law.


In attendance was the third President of the Gainesville College in 1997, Martha Nesbitt, as well as the Dean of Students, Dr. Alyson Paul.