Captain Ethan Crosby is a graduate of the University of North Georgia, PSIA class of 2015. Upon graduation, he commissioned into the Army as a Lieutenant and was stationed in Fairbanks, AK where he spent three years. He is now living in Fort Bragg, NC with this family and is a Psychological Operations officer.

Crosby was able to enjoy the outdoors while being stationed in Alaska.

Crosby had received a ROTC scholarship, and with North Georgia being one of the top military colleges in the country, and it being close to home, choosing to attend North Georgia was a relatively easy decision for him.

When asked what interested him in International Affairs program, Crosby said it was “curiosity and the opportunity to seek adventure.” He knew that he could have the opportunity to travel, something he didn’t have growing up. Crosby also said that “The practice of International Affairs seemed to be multidisciplinary and very dynamic.”

The degree has had great impacts on Crosby. He had the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing, China at Tsinghua University. He was also able to complete 2 internships – one in South China and one in Honolulu, Hawaii. While he was in Hawaii, he worked at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies where both military and civilian leaders discussed security issues. Crosby said he is grateful for the “first-hand experience” he was able to gain during these internships. Crosby said that the International Affairs program is great “for those who are seeking to pursue a government or military career… it aligns very well with government and military jobs.”

Crosby having some fun during his time in China.

When reflecting on his time at UNG in the PSIA program, he said, “The International Affairs faculty are some of the most experienced and committed teachers that North Georgia has to offer.”

Crosby had some advice for future and current students: “There are endless opportunities if you pursue them. You can forge your own path…challenge yourself.”