Late in October 2022, four UNG students were selected to participate in the Georgia Legislative Internship Program (GLIP) at the state capitol. Two members of our #PSIAfamily were among the four Nighthawks  selected for this year’s program during the Spring 2023 semester. Hat’s off to senior Taylor Mullikin, from Jefferson H.S., Jefferson, GA who is pursuing her B.S in Political Science with a pre-law concentration and sophomore Cole Rogers, from Georgia Military College Preparatory School, Milledgeville, GA, who is pursuing his B.S in Political Science with an American Politics concentration, for their selection for this prestigious program. 

[Editor’s note: Shortly after this article was prepared, Taylor decided to decline her offer to participate in this year’s GLIP program, as she has set her sights higher. We are proud to announce she has been selected to participate in the White House Internship Program in Washington D.C .this spring!] 

The Georgia Legislative Internship Program consists of students from across the state congregating in the Capitol building in Atlanta. Every year, 30 students are chosen to spend three months interning with local representatives during the legislative session. During the three-month-long session, interns will be expected to fill various roles, from assisting in day-to-day scheduling to aiding in passing legislation. In addition, interns will work closely with legislators, media specialists, and in-house legal counsel. During their stay, the interns will develop an intimate understanding of the mechanics of state politics and the legislative process.  

Cole has recently started his internship at the State Capitol and he said that “this internship has shined a bright light on Georgia politics for me. From the daily operations and functions of the office, to meeting congressional leaders, and getting the opportunity to be on the chamber floor has shown me just how valuable this program is. The skills and confidence that I have gained from this program are un-measurable and will be used throughout the entirety of my career.”   

“Politics is one of the hardest area to get into, but with the support of the UNG PSIA and the GLIP program, I have been given the confidence and knowledge to continue in my endeavors in politics. My time within the PSIA department has been helpful for my understanding of how state government works and the functions that are included in State government. Being able to understand the lingo and processes of government have made the internship much more enjoyable and having that knowledge has helped with my confidence and standing within the office.” 

 Congratulations to both Taylor and Cole for being selected for this competitive internship program! We wish you both the best of luck in your respective internships.  

 Author: Taylor Mullikin, PS ‘23 & Orla Fennell, IA ‘23