[Note: This article includes information from a UNG Newsroom article originally appearing in Aug 2022. (https://ung.edu/news/articles/2022/08/nearly-190-join-corps-of-cadets.php)]

As is the case every year the week before the start of the fall semester, incoming cadets experienced Freshmen Recruit Orientation Group (FROG) Week. The FROG Week days started early, usually about 6 a.m., and lasted until taps at 10 p.m. They included arduous physical activity and learning everything there is to know about being a cadet, from recognizing ranks to dorm room standards. During the intensive week’s activities, which many of you experienced yourselves first-hand in your younger days, the “FROGs” learned about the expectations of the Corps of Cadets in part from a history-making leadership duo. This academic year is the first time both UNG cadet battalion commanders are women. Bentlee Roberson is the first battalion commander and Allyson Smith the second battalion commander.

Of the 187 incoming cadets, over a quarter of them have joined our three undergraduate degree programs. The 49 new PSIAers have mapped out their academic goals as follows: 

International Affairs – 8 

Political Science – 8 (incl. 3 pre-law) 

Strategic & Security Studies – 33

“It’s definitely a challenge,” Nicholas Conowal, a freshman from Dawsonville, Georgia, pursuing a degree in political science with pre-law concentration, said. “If it wasn’t a challenge, everybody would be doing it. The superiors are hard on you, but they’re hard for a reason. It’s to prepare you and get you in the mindset of the Corps of Cadets.” 

Olivia Sullens, a freshman soccer student-athlete from Dahlonega, GA, pursuing a degree in strategic and securities studies with a concentration in international affairs and Russian minor, thrived on the high demands of FROG Week. “My experience has been amazing and also somewhat difficult, but also very fun,” Sullens said. “It’s nice to know that other people, people I’ve never met before, are going through the same thing as I am and are helping me through it.”

On behalf of the entire PSIA faculty and staff – “WELCOME” to these newest members of the #PSIAfamily.