Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Barry Friedman

A chapter titled “Punishing Members of Disadvantaged Minority Groups for Calling 911” and co authored by Barry D. Friedman, professor, and Maria J. Albo, senior lecturer, on the Dahlonega campus appeared in a reader published in December. The book, titled Policing and Race in America: Economic, Political, and Social Dynamics, was edited by James D. Ward of Rutgers and published by Lexington Books.

Maria Albo

Dr. Raluca Miller-Viman was active in 2017 with the following accomplishments:

● Publication of a chapter, “Social and Political Intolerance in Europe: A Source of Support for Radical Parties,” in Education, Social Values and European Integration, edited by Gabriela Goudenhooft and Ioan Horga (Debrecen, Hungary: Debrecen University Press, 2017).

● Participation in a round table titled “America After the ‘Great War’: From Minor Actor to Major Player in International Security Issues” at the annual meeting of the Georgia Political Science Association in Savannah in November.

● Presentation of a paper titled “Social and Political Intolerance in Europe: A Source of Support for Radical Parties” at the Jean Monet Conference at the University of Oradea in Oradea, Romania, May.


Dr. Christopher Kroh

Dr. Chris Kroh’s paper “Democracy in Crisis: Examining the Breakdown in Public Support for European Democratic Institutions” appeared in the 2016 European Studies Conference Selected Proceedings.