Check out our interview with PSIA major Joshua Jones.  Joshua was the recipient of UNG’s award for outstanding political science student at the associate level.  In this article, Jones discusses his decision to major in political science and offers advice for new majors.

Newsletter contributor Dr. Chris Kroh interviewed Joshua.

Why did you choose political science as a major and do you think that it prepared you for your future goals?

Joshua Jones: “I chose political science as my major because I’ve always had an interest in politics. I thought that I could do well in the courses that go along with the major and that I would learn a lot along the way. I do think that my major has helped prepare me for future goals because politics seep into everything, for better or for worse. Understanding the important of politics in culture, economics, psychology, etc. will always be useful. “


If you had to provide a blurb about your courses, the faculty in the PSIA department, and your experience as a major, what would you say?

Joshua: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the many political science courses that I have taken. The PSIA faculty has been an interesting group of people to learn from, to say the least. My experience as a major has been a great one. I’ve gotten to know some of our political science professors and fellow majors much more than I thought I would. So many of the students are willing to work together and help each other out whenever an important assignment is coming due.”

What advice would you give current political science majors?

Joshua: “I would say that getting to know your professors and fellow majors is one of the most important things you can do. You might be a class with a Truman Scholar or a professor who has traveled around the majority of Europe. Ask questions. Speak your mind when it’s appropriate and take in the ideas and opinions of others. You’ll be discussing a variety of sometimes controversial issues in your political science courses. Don’t close yourself off just because a topic is difficult. Engage, have a dialogue, and learn. “