The Year of the Books Begins

What motivates you to read? Is it the lure of a character you must protect? The beautiful illustrations in your favorite picture book? The promise of a thrilling adventure?

We love books, but even publishers find it challenging to make time and read for fun. This year, we’re conquering that challenge. The Year of the Books reading challenge wants you to remember the excitement of reading. We’ve created 52 reading prompts to help surround yourself with books all year long.

There are three levels to the challenge: easy, medium, and hard. Pick and choose your prompts or follow the suggested list below. We’ve created a chart for you to keep track of the books you’ve read, or you can download the infographic at the end of this post.

Join in the adventure and share your reading accomplishments by using #YearoftheBooks on social media. Happy Reading!

Easy: 12 books a year (1 book every month)

Medium: 24 books a year (1 book every two weeks)

Hard: 52 books a year (1 book every week)

Need help finding a book for a prompt? Ask below or reach out to us on on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a recommendation.

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