Workshop: Peer Review Processes for Digital Media

The University Press of North Georgia (UPNG), a scholarly press operated by North Georgia College & State University, is holding a workshop on peer review. This workshop is supported by the NEH Digital Start Up grant and will provide information that is useful to stakeholders in the peer review process, including university administrators, scholars, and professionals of the Humanities. Directors of the University of Florida, the University of Akron, and Wayne State University presses will also be attending this informative and groundbreaking workshop.

This topic is one of special interest to the University Press of North Georgia due to the press’s exploration in digital born monographs. The Press plans to develop and pilot a model for peer review and eventual electronic publishing of single-author digital monographs. This model will involve sharing resources among small university presses to ensure economic viability and to help alleviate the pressures facing academic publishing. A small press, like UPNG, can serve as a model to other, larger presses and hopefully work toward a solution that will benefit the entire scholarly community, including scholars, university administrators, editors, librarians, and students.

As in print form, digital born monographs gain their value and distinction from their peer review processes and status. Peer review intends to ensure quality scholarship and is a crucial benchmark in the academic review process. It is one of the most important issues in digital humanities, as it potentially affects access to scholarly work and copyright. However, large university presses, for various reasons, currently demonstrate reluctance to change and innovate in exploring revolutionizing options for pre- and post-publication peer review, especially as applied to digital monographs. The University Press of North Georgia intends to pave the way to enable small and large university presses as well as students and scholars to reap the benefits of easily-accessible digital monographs without sacrificing quality.

Please join us for this workshop!

Date: Friday, November 16th
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: Price Memorial Hall
Sherman Day Conference Room
100 College Circle
Dahlonega, GA 30597

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