Visiting Author Rundown

The Visiting Author book signing on November 8th was a wild success, as over 80 people packed into Dahlonega Starbuck’s lounge to hear the poetry. Each of our visiting authors read several of their works, some in English, some in Spanish as Dr. Gordon E. McNeer read his translations.

Eighty people is quite a few.


Benjamín Prado read from Shelter from the Storm, selecting several of the poems, including “Call my Life Bob Dylan” “Shelter from the Storm”  “Siete preguntas para Kurt Cobain/Seven Questions for Kurt Cobain,” to honor the men he views as his inspirations and guides.

From left to right: Fernando Valverde, Andrea Cote, Dr. Gordon McNeer, and Benjamín Prado.

Fernando Valverde then took the stage and read his poems “Sueño/Dream,” “El Largo/Lake,” and “Celia” from Eyes of the Pelican.

Finally, Andrea Cote Botero read several of her poems in Poetry Facing Uncertainty:  “La Merienda/The Snack,” “Puerto Quebrado/Broken Port,” and “Desierto/Desert.”