Upcoming Release: Floods and Fires

If you’ve been following our blog, Twitter, and Facebook, then you may have heard about an upcoming release titled Floods and Fires by Dan Leach. We are excited to announce this collection of short stories is officially releasing September 12th of this year, only a few short months away!

Floods and Fires is centered on a simple concept: all peoples, of all types, can endure. With his use of emotional depth and quirky truly original characters, he is able to place us all into the shoes of his cast and, even if only for a short time. Leach is able to delve into limitations that may seem foreign, but affect us all in some way.

The collection contains three inspired short stories:

  1. There is “Floods and Fires,” where a father must shoulder the burden of protecting ones own family from a sheriff, who may just be a bully who never really grew up. But when your son, who many be a little different, becomes a fugitive, what choice do you really have?
  2. In “Everything Must Go,” a haunted ex-husband looks around a harmless yard sale, only to receive flashes of the memories and life he shared with his now ex-wife as he recognizes some of her belongings. Suspicion overtakes him as he wrestles with a need to confirm her presence, driving him to throwaway social customs and battle his inner self, as well as the world around him.
  3. In “Transportation” we are brought into a mind of an imaginative young boy trying to improve his desolate trailer park youth with his sheer power of creativity and fantasmic pretend. It brings to light the coping mechanisms existing within children, and makes you consider of that wonder is still inside yourself.

Dan Leach’s stories follow imperfect people that seek to push the boundaries of their present circumstance. They are the ones who, as Dylan Thomas so poignantly expresses, “do not go gentle into that good night,” but instead “ rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this touching new collection, and join us in the countdown to the long-awaited September 9th release!