“Targeting Discretion” Book Launch

The University of North Georgia Press is proud to announce the launch of its new title, Targeting Discretion: A Guide for Command Staff, Frontline Officers, and Students by Dr. Casey LaFrance.

It’s hard to not have police matters in at least the periphery of your mind. News of shootings and other police conduct seem to have staying power. They remain in the headlines. People are taking notice, from the young to the old, from news outlets to social media.

Dr. LaFrance, through his career and research, has gained the necessary knowledge of the police force and its inner workings. He is a professor of Political Science at Western Illinois University and his research focused on local law enforcement decision-making, particularly among county sheriffs and municipal police chiefs. He had the skills to develop a tool within the pages of Targeting Discretion to help fix the communicative problems possibly causing the aforementioned problems within the police force.

The tool is aptly named the Target Model of Discretion. It’s designed for use in practical, real-life situations that occur in law enforcement, as well as by scholars who wish to analyze the factors that influence staff and officers when implementing discretion on the job. Based on extensive consultations with individuals within various police agencies, LaFrance developed the Target Model of Discretion to help identify and improve communication and discretionary issues between agency rank levels and generally within the organization.

It offers step-by-step instructions and hypothetical scenarios, opening a dialogue that can clear the lines of communication. It has the ability to bring the opposing views between ranks, within a law enforcement agency, together.

According to Israel D. Segers, Assistant Chief, Alto Georgia Police Department:

“Targeting Discretion helps de-mystify the communication disconnect that leads to that disparity, and is a valuable tool in bringing each view closer in line with the other.”

Dr. LaFrance’s Targeting Discretion can be used in and out of the classroom. Whether you are a student or a veteran, an officer or manager, or just simply a curious mind, communication is always key—especially when lives hang in the balance.

To buy your copy directly from the Press, we invite you to visit our order page. This title is also available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.