Winter Short Story Contest [Closed]


Looking for some inspiration? Want to write, but stuck on an idea? Need a break from NaNoWriMo? We know you have a story, and we want to read it. In honor of Short Story Day and the first day of Winter both falling on December 21, we’re hosting a short story contest! The rules are simple:

  • The theme of Winter
  • No more than 1,000 words

Email your short story to by Friday, December 8. Your story must be in a Word document with the story title, author name, and total word count at the top of the document. All submission emails must be titled “UNG Press Winter Story Contest.” If the email isn’t titled correctly, we won’t look at it. We’ll announce the winner on December 21.

The contest is open to anyone, but you must reside in the U.S. to be eligible to win. We will contact the winners by email. The Press asks for permission to publish up to one paragraph of the winning stories to our blog. Authors retain full rights to their story. All entries are eligible for future resubmission when we put a call out for a literary anthology. By submitting your story, you agree to these terms and conditions.

We can’t wait to read your submissions. Best of luck!

Workshop, Contest, and ebrary!

Hello Faithful Followers and everyone else who may just be stopping by! The Staff here at the University Press of North Georgia have a goal to update our website at least three times a week. We encourage you to keep checking back for the latest and greatest updates, contests, events, and etc.

We have a full slate of things going on right now. We are eagerly planning out and customizing our “Bringing Appalachia to the World” workshop that’s happening on Feb 3rd from 4-5pm. This workshop will focus on blogging and ebooks and how they are allowing more and more people to get their voices heard, focusing on the under-heard Appalachian Voice. The workshop does have limited space and has already been filled. But if you’d like to be put on the waiting list, you can contact the Georgia Appalachian Studies Center at


But wait, even if you can’t get into the workshop, we’re hosting a reception afterwards that EVERYONE is invited to. There’s no space limit there. Drop by the Vickery House between 5:30 and 6:30pm on Friday, Feb 3rd and meet the Press. We’ll have information about the press available, as well as have an area set up with all of our available books. Free Refreshments will be provided. This is your chance to come pick the brains of our editors and maybe even see some of our authors!

In other exciting news, we’re holding a contest! We’ll be giving away the Stonepile Anthology Collection (Vol 1 & 2) to two lucky winners. Want to take part? All you have to do is sign up for our e-newsletter between now and Valentines Day. Winners will be announce at Noon on Feb. 14th. Already signed up for our e-newsletter? No problem, just fill in your email again to enter. We still get notified of the entry and we promise you won’t get sent double emails when newsletter time comes about!


The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology is a series of books that contain stories and poems from the writers of the North Georgia Mountains. Each entry is judged, juried, and executed — no wait, that’s not right. Anyway, each selection in both books were hand picked from lots and lots of entries. They are some of the best that North Georgia has to offer, and we’re offering you a chance to get them for free! So enter today!

Another exciting announce is UPNG’s new partnership with ebrary. The partnership itself was solidified last Fall; however, we are pleased to announce that The Military and the Monarchy: The Case and Career of the Duke of Cambridge in an Age of Reform by Kevin W. Farrell will soon be available through ebrary. It is the first book available through this format, though it certainly won’t be our last.


Win The Stonepile Anthology Collection!

Want to win free copies of both volumes of the Stonepile Anthology? Here’s your chance! Simply sign up for our e-Newsletter, and you’ll be entered to win The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology Volumes I & II.  It’s that easy! Follow the link below, put in your email (and make sure it’s typed correctly; we’ll contact the winners by this email).

Two winners will be chosen at random on February 14th, 2012. Chances of winning depend on how many entries are received. One entry per email address.

Note: If you’re already signed up for the newsletter, but want to enter the contest, just put your email in again. We’ll still get notified of your entry, and you will not receive double emails.