Books to Gift Your College Grad

Have a friend or family member that is graduating from college this fall? Still haven’t found the perfect gift for them? This is both a time of change and of new beginnings for an almost graduate, so they need all the help that they can get.  A book can be a wealth of knowledge and stress reliever that will be desperately needed in the coming months. We have a couple of book suggestions that could be the perfect fit for your college grad.

  1. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson                                                                                            The whimsical and philosophical adventures of Calvin and Hobbes are a classic. You can be 6 or 84 and still learn something from this series. These two fun-loving characters provide a comical, witty, and new perspective on any topic that comes to mind. College grads can turn to this for life advice or just something to laugh at after a stressful day. The final line of the series is something that they can definitely resonate with. You don’t know where you’re going. You have no clue, but “it’s a magical world out there. Let’s go exploring.”
  2. Grow the F*ck Up by John Kyle                                                                                                    This provocative title is the jump start that some recent grads may need to kick it into high gear. There are some things we don’t know, and it’s too embarrassing to admit it, but this book can tell you without having to ask it. Learn how to jump start a car, change a smoke detector, and how to actually iron your cloths. A plus is that there are pictures included in the book, so if you cannot figure it out just by reading, they got you covered.
  3. Happy Little Accidents: The Wit & Wisdom of Bob Ross                                                                If you have watched an episode of Bob Ross’ show, then you probably know him for being great at painting, soft-spoken, and sprinkling some everyday wisdom into his TV specials. These tidbits of advice can be great for the psyche of an overwhelmed college grad. It is light-hearted, enlightening, and helpful in your greatest of existential crisis needs.
  4. Lean In For Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg                                                                                  This book is the one stop shop for all your work-related needs. Chalked full of information from business gurus, this a read that you do not want to skip out on. The real world can be daunting and full of questions that may not have been answered in the classroom, but this book was made to help bridge the gap. Think about this book when you are deciding between what gift to get at your nearest bookstore.

Whether they know it or not, recent graduates need a little guidance after college. It’s a daunting world out there, so we hope that some of these books will help to be on the path to success. Congrats to everyone who made it this far!

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It’s the Finals Countdown

The time is upon us. Red Bull cans rattle through the streets, a sense of desperation hums throughout our small town, and the faint crying of college students can be heard, carried by the frigid breeze. Brace yourselves, my dear readers, for the time has come. It’s Finals Week. This apocalyptic time means desperate measures must be taken in order to survive. You must be prepared for whatever is thrown your way, roll with the punches, and overcome these challenges; one of the best ways to prepare is to create a bug out bag. So, dust off those backpacks and dry those eyes. Here’s a short list of the basics you’ll need in order to survive the chaos that is finals.

  1. Textbooks. This is self-explanatory. You need your textbooks (as well as your notes) in order to study for your finals. They could also double as a pillow; a handy fact when you fall asleep in the library. Again.
  2. Pencil/pen/quill. Use whatever writing utensil at your disposal. Rewrite your notes, just to make sure that the information is engraved into your brain. Don’t worry if your fingers begin to cramp and you develop carpal tunnel. That’s completely normal.
  3. Tissues. Hey, this is a judge-free zone. We won’t tell anyone if you cry (sob) a little bit. Finals are stressful and emotions run high. Odds are that you’re not the only one. Study sessions usually turn into therapy sessions, so pack extra tissues. Just in case.
  4. Some sort of edible substance. Whether it be protein bars, beef jerky, or chocolate, you need something that’ll give you energy to keep studying and offer some type of nutrients. Just make sure you pack some Flintstones multivitamins.
  5. Cash. You know the old saying “flattery will get you everywhere?” In college, it’s bribery that gets you everywhere. And I’m sure your professor would prefer some extra cash. Okay, I’m morally obligated to tell you not to do that; it’s a bad idea (and it’s against UNG policies). In reality, you need that cash to buy as much Ben & Jerrys as you possibly can. In fact, I’m pretty sure Walmart has them on sale.
  6. Deodorant. Let’s be honest, you’re going to sweat a lot. Finals are stressful, and stress makes you sweat. It’s basic biology (that’ll be probably on the biology final. You’re welcome). Have that extra deodorant to fight your natural “musk.”
  7. Water. Put the coffee and energy drinks down. Consider this is your intervention. Your poor heart is probably working overtime, and it needs a break. Also, drinking water is vital for your health. Don’t believe me? First off, rude, but that’s okay. I understand you’re stressed. Anyway, click here and here for more reasons to drink water.
  8. Movies. Pack your favorite movie, and set aside time to watch it. You deserve a break, so treat yourself to your favorite. I would recommend the award-winning masterpiece that is the Bee Movie, a modern-day classic. Be sure to save some of your tissues; it pulls at the heartstrings.
  9. Music. After you finish watching your favorite movie, set aside more time to listen to music. Listen to whatever calms your mind, takes you to your happy place. Anything will do if it takes your mind off your finals, even if it is just for a few minutes. I highly recommend this song and this song. They personally help me through tough times.
  10. Blanket. A Snuggie is more preferred. You’ve likely been studying for hours on end, an IV of caffeine hooked into your veins. There’s no telling when you’ll crash, so it’s best to be prepared at all times. Try to maintain a healthy sleep schedule because if you pull an all-nighter, it can be more damaging than helpful.


That’s it! It’s all up to you now. But don’t worry, we know you’ve got it. And be sure to check out our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram when it’s midnight, and you’re too tired to study.

Update: A Post Card from the University Press

stacks of booksAs an intern you may find yourself in new situations daily. Today, I entered an office littered with books from the floor up. I noticed an empty bookcase and binders scattered across the room. “What’s happened here?” I wondered.
My boss was in the process of rearranging the office with the goal being a consolidation of two offices and the transformation of the one into a break-slash-conference room. Luckily, I’m a handy-man if need be and was glad to provide a helping hand. This change of pace provided an opportunity to use physical energy in the office as opposed to the more cerebral energy necessary in this field. I think that my boss’s vision will be helpful in the long-run as all University Press members will be able to work among one another.
Another interesting interning experience happened to be our Podcast Experience. Personally, I’ve never recorded a podcast and time really seemed to zip by during the process. The cast of this podcast included me and the staff of the University Press, Corey, Heather, and April (The Managing Editor, The Project Editor, and The Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, & Poetry Editor, respectively).
Recording was fun and also informative. We discussed the growing popularity of Little Free Libraries.
I learn something new daily as an intern with the University Press and I am enjoying every moment of this experience.