Student Worker Spotlight: Sam Young

Hey everybody! My name is Sam Young, and I am your average 20 something trying to make it in the world one step at a time. Currently though, I am a senior marketing major who is working as the marketing assistant here at the University of North Georgia Press!

I was born and raised in Georgia and have found a home at UNG. I love to spend my time doing a variety of activities that range from hiking to reading to chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. Like all the people here at the Press office, I have a passion for reading and storytelling of all kinds. I find that stories have a way of transporting us into a new worlds, new perspectives, and new ideas that we would not have without them. I love to read almost anything, so book recommendations are always welcome! Other than that, I’m like most UNG students and love to be outdoors! Hiking and camping are some of my favorite pastimes when I get the chance. I am also a huge TV watcher. My current favorites are anything HBO produces, and of course Parks and Rec. Outside of avid TV watching, I am actively involved in many of the organizations that we have here on campus. You can find me at any Nighthawks Entertainment event, SGA meeting, or any other of the myriad of campus activities that we have here. These organizations help me stay plugged into UNG life and given me the opportunity to serve the student body in some of my favorite ways: fun events and advocating for our community!

During my time here at UNG Press, I hope to learn a lot and use the wide variety of knowledge that I have about marketing, advertising, and graphic design to push our name out there. I am trying to absorb as much as I can at this internship, so that I can use my experiences here and apply them to the marketing industry once I graduate in May. I am excited to learn more about the publishing industry and whatever else I may discover during my time here!

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