Student Spotlight: Kimberly Martin

IMG_0436Kimberly Martin is an English major here at University of North Georgia with a Chinese minor (it’s not as hard as it sounds, she swears). She is 21 years old and hails from the joyful town of Middle of Nowhere—also known as Griffin, GA—where her parents continue to live in their little house on the outskirts. At home she has a chubby cat named Noel and two dogs: a massive German shepherd named Joy and a tiny little basset hound called Bailey, all of whom she loves dearly. She currently lives off campus on Crown Mountain and will graduate from the University of North Georgia this December, which she finds both exciting and a little bit scary!

Kimberly has enjoyed writing since she was a young girl and won an award in elementary school for a creative story about a “funny farm,” which encouraged her to exercise her writing talents and pursue the hobby further. Every day she tries to write a short story to improve her skills in hopes of one day publishing a novel. Furthermore, each November she attempts to complete the National Novel Writing Month challenge, working hard to produce a story each year so that one day she can create “the one” to publish and share.

She is excited to work with the University Press and begin learning the ins and outs of copy-editing, since correcting things like grammar, punctuation, and spelling is something she really enjoys (though most people look at her like she’s nuts when she tells them that). Kimberly became an English major in hopes of one day joining a publishing company as a copy-editor, and by working with the University Press of North Georgia she has taken her first step toward following her dream.

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