Stephen King: the King of Creep

Stephen King Image

New York Times Best Selling Author and Bram Stoker Award recipient Stephen King is best known for his ability to draft thrilling and chilling psychological horror stories. Misery, Carrie, and The Shining to name just a few titles, crown him the king of creep. Misery shocks readers with the abduction of the protagonist by a supposed serial killer, the savage dismembering of a foot, and two gruesome deaths. In Carrie, after sustaining torment from her peers the eponymous character uses her telekinetic powers to exact revenge. In The Shining, the Torrance family (including young Danny Torrance who possess unique psychic abilities) moves to the Overlook Hotel where they are tragically affected by the supernatural forces present. A master of the disturbing, King’s works haunt the reader beyond the pages of his nightmarish stories, and by evoking a plethora of emotions, the reader is forced to examine all aspects of human nature under the strangest of circumstances.

King’s prowess will once again be on display this November (2015) in his upcoming collection of short stories and poems, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Included with each title in the collection are King’s explanations of his motivations for and reflections on each piece.

This collection will contain twenty works in total, including three new short stories“Obits,” “Bad Little Kid,” and “Mister Yummy.” Also in the collection are some of King’s more recognized works such as the short story “Mile 81” and the poem “The Bone Church.” Since 1978 with his first work Night Shift, King has produced ten collections making The Bazaar of Bad Dreams his eleventh short story collection, averaging one new collection every three years.  Building upon these collections comprised of some of King’s most compelling works, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams will not disappoint.

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