Spring Break? Try a Book Break.

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For those still in school or working in the world of academia, it’s that time of the year again—Spring Break. Many have been dreaming of laying on the couch and streaming Netflix to your hearts content, getting back the elusive tan line that winter stole away, or using the break to catch up on all the work that you may have been pushing under the rug. We at the Press are the lovers of books and words and literary adventures, and we invite you to open a book wherever and however you choose to spend this much-needed time off.

If you are a person who keeps putting off reading and just wants to become a reader this blog is for you.

But why should you delve into the literary world over break when you could do so many other things with your free time? Many people, me being one of them, will have a book stack on their side table. One of which you may have cracked open a couple times, maybe you even read it for a week, but then before you knew it, you forgot what was happening. It had been weeks since you opened it and it may have even gathered some dust.

Maybe you have a book a friend lent you, or even just requested you read it simply because it’s perfect for you. For some it’s just a list of “to reads” on your GoodReads account that goes untouched.

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At the Press, we understand the rush and stress of work and school. It might surprise you how a book can give you a tiny break from that by providing a look into another life or point of view. A book can be a fantastical adventure.  So take a deep breath because Spring Break is upon us. Let the literary stress relief take over.

Have I convinced you yet? If so, it’s on to the next step: picking a book. If you’ve been reading the blog lately you might have noticed over the month of February we released a couple of “Books We Love” blogs. These books are handpicked recommendations by members of the Press. They are just some of the titles that we hold near and dear to our bookish hearts.

Feel free to look over our recommendations here: Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

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