Sarah Morris Reflects on Her Time with the UNG Press

As my internship with the UNG Press comes to the end, my heart is full of gratitude. It has been my dream to work for a publishing house for many years, and with this internship I was granted my first opportunity to do so. My time with the Press has taught me a plethora of valuable information regarding the publishing world that I will carry with me as I graduate and begin my job search. The Press trusted me with several high-profile tasks that allowed me to broaden my publishing experience and improve my skills.

Over the course of working with the Press, I completed a number of assignments that I enjoyed. (What am I saying? I literally enjoyed every project.) These responsibilities included creating blogs posts, social media images and posts, and bookmarks for upcoming UNG Press titles. Most notably, I proofread a military science title and I interviewed two authors. Interviewing UNG Press authors is something that I never expected to do, so that was an immense honor and my favorite task to work on.

Before I finish my time with the Press, I want to say a massive thank you to the UNG Press team for taking a chance on me and offering me a position with them this fall. In particular, I would like to thank Jillian Murphy for being a mentor to me, portraying patience and kindness to me as she taught me the ropes here. She always gave me positive feedback, even when she had constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement. Thank you, Jillian, for encouraging me as I took on new responsibilities this fall. It has been a pleasure to work with my university’s publishing press and a memorable way to close out my time as an undergraduate student.

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About Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris is an intern with the UNG Press for the fall 2020 semester. She is a senior on the UNG Gainesville campus, set to graduate in December 2020 with her bachelor’s degree in English: Writing and Publication.

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