Rounding the Corner: A Reflection

Reflection blogs are difficult. In my introduction blog, I remember struggling to explain why I even want to go into publishing, and quite frankly, it hasn’t gotten much easier to explain. I have fallen in love with the process of refining a work to its best form, and the Press has played a large role in that. The time I’ve spent here has been a whirlwind of learning, experience, and research (like tons of research). While it has only been a few months, it feels so much longer with the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained. I began interning at the Press in January, and my time here has been not only truly transformative but also grounding.

The last time I thought about my career in publishing, I was concerned with the writing aspect, and I honestly believed that it was the most important piece. And don’t get me wrong, it definitely is, but there are so many moving pieces at a press or publishing house that I never really realized until I was in the thick of it. Writing is the element that intertwines all of these moving pieces and makes them work.

On my first day, my supervisor deemed this experience a “trial by fire,” and she wasn’t joking. After that first day of account setup and introduction materials, I hit the ground running. I’ve done countless blogs to write, hours of line edits, and even more hours of marketing research.

This industry is so much more complicated than just writing a book and simply publishing it. There is so much research that goes into just accepting a book to be edited and even then, depending on the willingness of author and the editor, the book isn’t guaranteed to make it to publication. It is very much a give-and-take relationship. And I have been fortunate enough to witness this kind of teamwork while watching my superiors work with our authors to make the best book possible

So, I believe thanks are in order. I would like to thank the University of North Georgia Press for taking a chance on me and were willing to help me learn and grow. My passion for books and writing have done nothing but grow while I’ve been here, and I have really developed a new appreciation for the publishing process and the hard work that goes into it. I’m thankful for the invaluable experience that I’ve while working under this Press. I appreciate the atmosphere in which I was able to learn new skills and refine old ones, and my time here will always hold a special place in my heart. While I head out into the daunting adult world, I’m more confident than ever in my skills and abilities that have not only made me competitive but also a better writer and editor. So, one last time, thank you, UNG Press.