Pride and Prejudice Adaptations: Me and Mr. Darcy

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in the possession of her right mind must be in want of a decent man.” Or so this is meandmrdarcy2the case for Emily Albright. After a string of disastrous dates, including a guy who had hair plugs and another whose mother cooked for them, Emily decides to give up on the modern notion of dating. Her friend insists that she should get away for a wild weekend of margaritas and men; however Emily decides to go to England on a tour of Jane Austen country. She obviously can’t have any romance surrounded by old ladies and a single rude and foul-minded man, Spike Hargreaves, right?—wrong!

Emily’s own experiences mirror that of Elizabeth as she travels through the English country side. While she initially loathes Spike, who is writing an article about why Mr. Darcy has earned the title Man Most Women Would Love to Date, she ends up falling for him in much the same way Elizabeth falls for Mr. Darcy.

The novel, Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter is a fun, quirky, romantic comedy! This is a twist on Pride and Prejudice about the lasting impression Mr. Darcy has left on the hearts of women and how one woman even finds her own Mr. Darcy. The writing is simple and predictable with the main character being annoying at times, the love story between Emily and Spike keeps you reading till the end.

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