New AUSA Book Program Title, Trust and Leadership, Explores the Australian Army’s Use of Mission Command

Jillian Murphy

  • Trust and Leadership reveals how Australian mission command was applied during ten global conflicts during the last century.
  • Contributors include Editor-in-Chief Russell W. Glenn, Peter Pedersen, Peter Dean, Megan Fitzpatrick, Bob Hall, John Caligari, John Blaxland, John Frewen, Anthony Rawlins, Chris Smith, Ian Langford, Chris Field, and Rodger Noble.

Dahlonega, GA—The University of North Georgia (UNG) Press is pleased to announce our newest AUSA Book Program title: Trust and Leadership: The Australian Army Approach to Mission Command. Trust and Leadership releases November 10, 2020, and includes forwards by Lieutenant General (Ret.) L. D. Holder and General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

The global military conflicts of the 21st century revealed a need for new styles of command. TRUST AND LEADERSHIP depicts mission command’s use in the Australian Army. Written by serving and retired military officers, this essay collection reveals how Australian mission command was applied during ten global conflicts during the last century, from the Australian Imperial Forces to the 2015 Army Combat Brigade.

Editor-in-Chief Russell W. Glenn’sU.S. Army career included service in Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, and a combat tour in Iraq during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served on the faculty of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at The Australian National University and with the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command. Past research includes studies on counterinsurgency, urban operations, military and police training, and intelligence operations. He authored Reading Athena’s Dance Card and Rethinking Western Approaches to Counterinsurgency.

Contributing authors include Dr. Peter Pedersen, Dr. Peter Dean, Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick, Dr. Bob Hall, Lieutenant General (Ret.) John Caligari, Dr. John Blaxland, Lieutenant General John Frewen, Major General Anthony Rawlins, Brigadier Chris R. Smith, Brigadier Ian Langford, Major General Chris Field, and Major General Rodger Noble.

As partner to the AUSA Book Program, the UNG Press will aid AUSA’s educational mission by producing high-quality books to be designated as “AUSA Books.” These books will address such subjects as military land power and land warfare history, technology, combat, and strategy and tactics. This curated collection will serve to help and educate members of the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the AUSA, U.S. government officials, and the general public. To further these goals, AUSA will promote these titles by linking them to AUSA’s website, listing them in AUSA publications as a member benefit, and reviewing them in ARMY magazine or other AUSA publications.

Trust and Leadership (978-1-940771-69-4) costs USD$19.99/AUS$27.13 and is a 6-by-9-inch perfect-bound paperback. Wholesalers can purchase copies from Ingram; individuals can purchase copies from their favorite independent bookstore and other major retailers. More details can be found at the UNG Press’s website.

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