The Artist As Activist in Appalachia

Book Readings today at the North Georgia College & State University Library and Technology Center from 1-2 pm. Meet the editors whose idea will bring out the activist in you! Purchase your own copy to read and inspire you.

Find out the story behind Elaine Purkey "One Day More" in The Artist as Activist in Appalachia

Stonepile Writer’s Anthology ~ call for submission

Stonepile Writers’ Anthology – Call for Submissions

The University Press of North Georgia is now accepting submissions for the Stonepile Writers’ Anthology. The Stonepile Writers is a writing group based in Northeast Georgia, and they would like to invite writers from every corner to submit their previously unpublished works. Send in your best poetry, prose, short stories, essays, short memoirs, creative non-fiction, etc. Please e-mail submissions to for review.

Post all submissions in the body of the e-mail. No attachments, please. Identify the type of writing (poetry, short story, etc) in the subject line of the e-mail. Also, include your mailing address in the e-mail. The University Press of North Georgia retains first use copyright of material submitted. After publication, rights revert back to the author.

DEADLINE is September 30, 2010

Author Anne Amerson reads from Dahlonega’s Gold

  • Thursday, Sept. 25, 1:00 PM
  • Hoag Auditorium
  • North Georgia College & State University

Anne Amerson will be reading from her latest novel, Dahlonega’s Gold. Dahlonega’s Gold is a historical novel, following a young married couple from the 1830s to the death of the wife (Keziah) in 1900. They travel to North Georgia for the Gold Rush, and the husband (Lafayette, a.k.a. ) also participates in the 49 California Gold Rush. She lives to see the building of North Georgia Agricultural College, and her grandson graduates as a cadet.

Sponsored by the Visiting Author Series, the Department of English, and the University Press of North Georgia.