E-books: A Book Revolution

Recently UPNG signed an agreement with Ebrary which will allow libraries from all over to purchase electronic versions of our books, such as The Military and the Monarchy.

But why e-books?

In the 21st century technology has become such an integral part of our lives. It seems that nothing goes untouched from its widespread arms and books are no exception. The creation of e-books, digital or electronic versions of paper books, changes the way we read and access books.

With the popularization of Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s NOOK, and Apple’s Ibooks we have a universe of publications right at our fingertips. E-books translate into cheaper production costs for authors and publishers, which allows them a chance to sell more obscure books. As a result, a wider variety of books, catering to many different interests are now available. These changes are empowering for readers because they are not simply confined to what is in print, but are able to choose from a seemingly-endless variety of books online.

The growth of technology has brought about an increased awareness of its effects on our environment. E-books are an excellent alternative to paper books because they are environmentally friendly in two very important ways: no paper is used and no shipping is necessary. Electronic books will help preserve our forests and will also cut down on emissions released during travel.

But, probably the biggest attraction to e-books is their convenience. You can carry an entire book bag or library inside one light-weight e-reader. When finished with one book, simply click a button and you’re off on another adventure. E-readers also allow you to take notes, access an electronic dictionary, and change the type-size.

Eventually, e-books will become the dominate way to read, and publishers and consumers are jumping on board.


Book Launch and Essay Contest scheduled during Constitution Week

Dahlonega, Ga- The University Press of North Georgia is hosting a book launch for their new book Basics of American Government. The launch will be held on September 22 in the upstairs Starbucks Lounge during the meeting hour (12:45-2:00pm). Also during Constitution week the American Democracy Project is hosting an essay contest with a deadline of 4 pm on September 16.

Basics of American Government is purposed to be an effective, low cost alternative to American Government textbooks currently on the market. This book has been a collaborative effort between eight current and one former faculty members in the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at North Georgia College and State University. The University will sell this text book for $27.99 making it reasonable and affordable choice for professors and students.

The authors and editors will be available to discuss the book as well as sign any copies.

North Georgia College and State University, American Democracy Project, and the Liberty Tree Initiative are sponsoring a student essay contest in honor of Constitution and Citizenship Day 2011. The contest will be addressing the issue of the Defense of Marriage Act and the U.S. Constitution. Papers will be judged based on content, critical analysis and strength of the argument. There will be monetary awards ranging from $175 to $50 for the top three finalists. Papers must be submitted to Dr. Michael Proulx in the History Department, 38 B Walker Dr., no later than 4PM on Friday, September 16th. Check your North Georgia email for official rules.

The University Press of North Georgia is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal that believes local is global. Their primary function is to promote education and research, with a special emphasis on local and global cultures. The American Democracy Project for Civic Engagement is a national, multi-campus initiative that seeks to foster informed civic engagement in the United States. The project seeks to create a greater intellectual understanding and commitment to participate in the civic life of the United States. The Liberty Tree Initiative is a 1 for All campaign to raise awareness of the First Amendment. It is designed to bring thought-provoking First Amendment programs and speakers to university and college campuses nationwide.

CUR Call for Abstracts

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) has put out a call for abstracts for their 16th Annual Undergraduate Poster Session on Capitol Hill. Research topics should be related to CUR’s disciplinary divisions: Arts and Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology, or Social Sciences.

For more information, or to submit an abstract, Visit CUR’s Website: http://www.cur.org/postersession.html

PAWS Writing Contest

*The following Contest is not sponsored by the University Press of North Georgia.*



Paws Humane Society of Lumpkin County hopes you will join us in an exciting contest.  This fundraiser is provided by the generosity of local author, Deborah Smith and her husband. It consists of publication of a book which will be available for sale locally as well as on Amazon.com.  All proceeds will be used to support various projects of benefit to domestic dogs and cats in Lumpkin County.

The book will consist of essays, poetry, drawings, photographs, and recipes from residents of Lumpkin County and surrounding areas.  This contest is open to all ages ranging from elementary school students to our seniors. Everyone is invited to participate in this contest.

All submissions will be reviewed by our panel of PAWS editors. Selected entries will be edited as needed and published in our book, along with the author’s name.  Optionally at the author’s discretion, age, school and dedication will also be published.

We hope you will enjoy participating in this contest and look forward to seeing the wonderful work you choose to submit.  Good Luck!


1.     All submissions must be black and white, on white paper. If color photos are submitted, they will be converted to black and white.

2.     Each submission must have a cover page with the following information:

  • full name & email
  • mailing address
  • and optionally phone number, age, school  name

3.     All entries must relate to animals.

4.     Submitted work should be original, thought provoking and uplifting.

5.     Each submission from a minor child must be identified and accompanied by a parent’s / guardian’s signature

6.     All entries become the property of PAWS and will not be returned. Submissions selected for publication may be edited at the discretion of PAWS editors.

7.     All entries must be received either via email or regular mail – not later than:


DEADLINE:       1st October, 2011

EMAIL:              pawsdahlonegaofga@gmail.com

US Mail:              PAWS, P O Box 1955, Dahlonega GA  30533


Welcome our New Student Workers!

UPNG is proud to announce that we have acquired three new student workers for the Fall 2011 Semester. We would like to welcome Kelley Spurlock , Chris Griffith, and Melanie Jeanty to the UPNG team!

The University Press of North Georgia is a teaching press. Students who work for the press get real world experience in publishing. They learn the basics of publishing from all aspects by participating in acquisitions, editing, formatting, and other stages. They also are taught how to use industry standard software among many other things. Without our students, UPNG would not be the press it is today!

UPNG Signs with Ebrary

We are happy to announce that we have signed an agreement with Ebrary that will allow libraries to purchase electronic versions of our books. The first book that will be added to the Ebrary Library is Kevin W. Farrell’s The Military and the Monarchy, the first book in our War and Leadership Series.

For more information, check out this article from Virtual Strategy.com: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2011/08/22/ebrary-signs-its-120th-university-press-publishing-partner