Off to Frankfurt We Go!

The tickets have been bought. The hotel room has been reserved. The German refreshing has begun (did you know that to moo in German is “muhen” and to bark is “bellen”? I’m learning many useful things if I want to make farm animal noises at my waiter).

I am so happy to announce that UPNG has received funding from the powers that be which allows our director, BJ Robinson, and me (April Loebick, if you missed the byline) to go to this year’s Frankfurt Bookfair. If you are not in the know, the Frankfurt Bookfair is the biggest book and publishing trade expo in the world. It takes place in Frankfurt,Germany every October. We will be visiting the fair this year as just that, visitors. It won’t be all fun and games (just mostly), as we will be doing our own research for future years when we want to be exhibitors.

To mark this event, I will be various posting articles on the bookfair, our preparation, and more up until fair time. Afterwards, I will be posting pictures and other news.