New Open Textbook ‘Latinx Media’ Explores Film and Media by and about the Latinx Community

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Elizabeth Odom

  • Two professors in the University System of Georgia have created an open access textbook exploring the history and influence of Latinx media creators, for students in film studies
  • The text is the fourth open textbook the UNG Press has published in partnership with Affordable Learning Georgia’s (ALG) Affordable Materials Grant
Latinx Media
Edited by Rielle Navitski and Leslie Marsh
Cover design by Sarah Mikhail and Ariana Adams

Dahlonega, GA—August 31, 2022—The University of North Georgia (UNG) Press is pleased to announce a new open textbook, Latinx Media, available now for purchase or download. Latinx Media is the fourth textbook the UNG Press has developed in partnership with Affordable Learning Georgia’s (ALG) Affordable Materials Grant.

This open-access textbook delves into the vibrant phenomenon of film, television, and digital media by and about the Latinx community, introducing readers to the core concepts in each of these media studies fields. Featuring thematic chapters by both distinguished and emerging scholars, the book uses media as a lens to illuminate the diversity and complexity of the US Latinx community in the past and present, examining questions of national origin, race/color, gender, and sexuality. It also includes profiles of prominent Latinx creatives that can be used as models for classroom assignments, plus a roundtable discussion featuring four scholars of Latinx media.

Co-editor Rielle Navitski is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at the University of Georgia, and Leslie Marsh specializes in Hispanic and Lusophone film and media studies at Georgia State University. Fifteen contributing authors explore the history and influence of Latinx media creators:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Digital Media
  • Defining Race and Ethnicity between Latin America and the United States
  • Afro-Latinx Identity and Media
  • Diasporic Indigenous Latinx Identity and Media
  • Feminist Perspectives in Latinx Media
  • Latina/o/x LGBTQ Identities
  • Latino Images and Audiences to 1960
  • Spanish-Language Television and Pan-Latinidad
  • The Mexican American Experience Onscreen
  • The Puerto Rican Experience Onscreen
  • The Cuban American Experience Onscreen
  • The Dominican American Experience Onscreen
  • The Central American Experience Onscreen

Latinx Media (978-1-959203-00-1) costs $39.99 as an 11-by-8.5 inch perfect-bound paperback. Wholesalers can purchase copies from Ingram; individuals can order physical copies from their favorite bookstore or other major retailers. Free digital copies are available on the UNG Press website.

The UNG Press is a scholarly, peer-reviewed press that serves as an extension of our sponsoring university, the University of North Georgia. Our primary function is to promote education and research with a special emphasis on innovative scholarship and pedagogy. Through our partnership with Affordable Learning Georgia and eCore, the UNG Press is the leading press in Georgia for producing open educational resources and open textbooks. ###

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