New Intern Spotlight: Megan Creech

Born ou10410396_10204124021085261_2212387255385468008_ntside Atlanta, Georgia in 1993, my dad gave me the name Megan because he was a teacher and never had a bad student named Megan in his classes. From an early age, writing has always been an interest of mine. When I was young I would come home from school and write ten-page fictional stories and show them off to my parents. In high school, I joined the school newspaper and yearbook course where my interest in editing and journalism arose.

As an English Writing and Publication major and Journalism minor, college has only grown my passion for writing. While I’m still learning daily, I have gained monumental skills in writing, composition, editing, analysis, and style. When I graduate at the end of this semester, I am assured that the many skills I have gained and the knowledge instilled in me throughout my years at UNG will bring me success in the career field I choose.

Traveling has become a developed passion of mine. My first abroad experience was my sophomore year of high school when I traveled to Jamaica. That’s when I fell in love with seeing the world. Since then I have visited three of the seven continents including Central America, South America, and Europe. I have grown to love experiencing new cultures and learning the history of the world one country at a time.

My goals, somewhere in the midst of writing, editing and traveling, are ambiguous, and my answer to the infamous question, “What are you going to do with an English degree?” is still unclear. However, I have hope that the lessons and abilities I have learned at UNG and my time here at the University Press will more than prepare me for the future career that lies ahead of me.