New Intern Spotlight: Elise Enciso

Hello and a fond welcome! My name is Elise Enciso, and I am a fifth year English Writing and Publication major here at UNG. Twenty-two years ago I was brought into this world, a shy, beanie baby crazed tyke with a boundless imagination and an unhindered desire to become a veterinarian. Nearly two decades later, my affection for plush friends is as strong as ever, yet my career plan has been drastically altered in all the best ways. Despite my noble intentions of fixing every broken animal, I came to realize that my childhood ambitions were a far cry from my true calling.


Driven by the notion that a degree in Biology would secure my financial future, I entered college with the intention of specializing in medicine. While taking my one Biology course seemed like a test of endurance, I would relish the moments when I walked into my English courses, for it was in those environments where I felt most at home. It took practically two years of my undergraduate career to realize that writing and English related study was the direction in which I was destined to travel. After some careful deliberation and encouragement from my parents, I decided to bite the bullet and take a chance: abandon practicality and embrace passion. I quickly dropped Biology like a lead balloon and took up English without hesitation. Two and half years later, I have yet to experience any regrets.

Apart from pursuing my professional career as a writer, my additional interests include horseback riding, spending time with my friends and family (that includes our four rambunctious Boston Terriers), and growing my hair out in an attempt to become the next Lady Godiva. I have an incredibly curious soul that wishes to see the world in its entirety, and I hope that at some point in my future I will be able to satiate this wanderlust by travelling as much as life will allow.

I am eternally grateful for the internship position that the University Press has provided me. Given the opportunity, I hope to expand on my writing capabilities while also becoming familiar with marketing and publishing in a professional setting. I have no doubt that this internship will open valuable doors that will help guide my decisions when looking for a future career. I am thrilled to be working alongside such great people, and I cannot wait to be a part of the exciting projects the Press has to offer!