My Time with the Press

I didn’t know much about the University Press or the publication process when I applied for this internship. My insight beforehand was limited to a handful of classes and lectures from guest speakers that spoke a little about publication, and the various steps of getting published. Mostly, I listened to people speak as authors who have been published rather than publishers themselves.

The first assignment I was given was to read lecture notes from Dr. B.J. Robinson and the University Press handbook. Those pages explained the general publication process, guidelines and rules of thumb implemented at the Press, and a shortlist of general day-to-day assignments performed at the Press.

Afterward, I was thrown into the fray and given simple, quick tasks, followed by more urgent, time-consuming tasks. The Press was gracious enough to allow me to choose my focus (writing or editing) during my internship. I chose writing and received assignments writing various blog posts for the Press. After I submitted a few blogs for review, I began doing edits for several books that are to be published by the Press in the coming months.

I’ve received knowledge and experience in a variety of writing, editing, and researching tasks. The Press has provided me with useful skills and information both as a writer and editor that will serve me well in the professional world. I appreciate the guidance and friendship of Press staff members Amy Beard, Corey Parson, and Dr. B.J. Robinson, and co-interns Ariana Hanshaw and Scott Biddulph.

In short, my experience with the Press has been a fruitful one, and a good beginning to my professional career. I would recommend the Press to anyone looking for internship experience with confidence that it would be a worthwhile, educational and professional experience.


Caleb Thomason