My Mission with The Press

Kathryn Patterson '18
Kathryn Patterson ’18
Photo Credit: Erin Higidon, UNG Vanguard Editor

When I am posed with the question of what brought me to the University of North Georgia Press one word seems to do the trick; metamorphosis. There is something extraordinarily beautiful about the transformation of the written word, the knowledge that style and tone can impart, and the clarity that editing provides.

I feel that interning with the UNG Press will provide a unique medium where I can become more competent in shaping and guiding not only my works, but also the work of others. I hope that the Press’ drive will center on helping writers to focus on collective creativity and technique. Reshaping complex ideas will hopefully be a result of our ingenuity. My mission is to inspire our team while channeling my thoughts and ideas towards a refined piece. I look forward to shaping other’s understanding in order to break through to the music of each individual work.

My goal is to bring forth the artistry of coherence. I am determined to balance clarity and elegance through rhetorical expression, while making it my goal to thrive off the innovation and intricate strategies of form and function. This is my aim because other editors’ and authors’ precise writing styles have inspired me to follow my passion.

It is my hope that these inspirations that have brought me to The Press will carry me further through a career in writing and publication. My passion is the passion of others. What I mean is, I seek to dedicate my life’s work to truly listening and sharing the passions of others. I believe it is my calling to encourage others to share their creations. This is what encourages and enlightens my own work.

I write to teach and to learn, but most of all to inspire. I hope that my experience with The Press can provide others with insight into themselves and the brilliance of publications. I am determined to become proficient in providing a perceptive account of conviction and thought. I see this internship as an opportunity to not only further explore my passion of publication but to also find new ways to assist writers in their own journey through expression.

My hope is that we as UNG Press writers and editors will guide one another toward the very inspirations that give us our name.

This is why I’m an English major. This is why I’ve asked to intern with the Press. But most importantly, this is why I write.