My Experience at the Press

Hi, all! This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at the University of North Georgia Press (UNGP). Throughout my time here, I was tasked to create marketing campaigns, conduct research and manage social media accounts. It was a whirlwind and an adventure (the good kind). I spent the majority of my summer in the quiet, sleepy and wonderful town of Dahlonega, I began my academic trek as a foreigner and left as a native. Along the way, I made several forever friends and learned a great deal of literary as well as life lessons.

As my time at the press is coming to an end, I feel confident and wiser. However, months ago, when the elevator doors opened to the gleaming world of the press, I was a different person.

The distance from my house to the office was approximately seven minutes. As I started the drive, feelings of insecurity overwhelmed me. I feared that I would not have the adequate skills required to complete their requests. Comparisons of my abilities versus my classmates served as brash red stoplights at intersections. Was I prepared for this internship? I could feel the palms of my hands begin to dampen. I started to worry about that, who wanted to shake sweaty hands? It was truly a nervous cycle.

I breathed a deep sigh as the cool metal doors of the elevator shut in front of me, I clicked the worn plastic button to transport me to my future. As the elevator door opened, I came face-to-face with one of my supervisors. Her warm smile and cheery attitude set the tone for the rest of the semester. As the days went by (and got hotter) I was reminded over and over again that I did have the abilities to succeed.

If you’re ever faced with a new situation or embark on an adventure into the unknown (which we all do), it is important to never doubt yourself. Along the way, you’ll be forced to take on situations that may be scary, but if you remain confident and trust in others around you – it will be a lot easier. Richie Norton, author of Make Dreams Happen, said “To escape fear you have to go through it, not around.”