Larry Weill Book Signing Event

The University Press of North Georgia will be hosting a reading by Lawrence Weill of his novel Incarnate (BlackWyrm) on March 28, 2013 from 12:30 to 1:30 in the Library Technology Center, 2nd floor classroom. After the reading, the audience will have the opportunity to meet with Weill and have their copy of his book autographed. Attendance is free and open to the public. All attendees will be entered for a raffle to win a free copy of the book. Copies of Mr. Weill’s book will also be available for purchase.

“What should a woman do if she believes she is the mother of the second coming of Christ?” Incarnate is a psychological study about how delusion overpowers reason and the resilience of youth can persevere. Lara Joyner sees signs all around her that her older son, Dale, is the second coming of Christ, and must help him realize his true powers. Dale, who does not understand what it means to be Jesus, goes through the motions in order to protect both his mother and younger brother, Louis. Dale and Louis’s lives are turned upside down by their mother’s hallucinations and must make sense of this mysterious and dangerous life. Their father and older sister continually search for the brothers in order to bring them to safety.

Larry Weill is an author and artist from Western Kentucky. He has written novels, short stories, nonfiction articles, and poems which have appeared in many local, regional, and national journals. He is currently on his Incarnate March 2013 Book Tour.

Image courtesy of Larry Weill

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