Intern Spotlight: Amelia Keener

Photo of Amelia Keener

Hi everyone! My name is Amelia, and I am an intern with the UNG Press for Spring 2021. I am a junior pursuing a major in English/Writing and Publication and a minor in Linguistics. I am so excited to be joining the press this semester! I loved taking Intro to Publishing last fall, and I knew that I wanted to learn even more about publishing. When I saw there were no more publishing classes I could take, I decided to apply to this internship in the hopes of gaining more knowledge about how publishing works. After I graduate, I am hoping to have a career in either editing or writing. This internship will be very helpful in determining my areas of interest in the publishing industry.

I have adored reading for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest favorite books include Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and The Boxcar Children series. Currently, I have a massive bookcase that takes up a whole wall in my room. My favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction, and occasionally some mysteries. Some of my favorite books include The Chronicles of Narnia, The Queen’s Rising, and anything by Jane Austen. When I am not reading, I am probably buying more plants for my room. I work at a plant nursery, so it is very easy to fuel this addiction. Some of my other favorite past times include hiking, camping, kayaking, eating Chick-fil-A, and playing with my cat Bingley. Some of my best inspiration for writing comes after a long hike when I am sitting at the top of a mountain, admiring the scenery.

My love of books and storytelling has been with me since I was a child. I am hoping that by working with the press, I can help other people share their stories, and maybe someday I can share my own stories with the world. This internship is just the beginning!

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