If You Liked “Floods and Fires,” You’ll Love These!

Dan Leach’s book Floods and Fires is a prime example of Southern Literature. If you enjoy Southern Literature, you’re certain to enjoy reading these novels and short stories written by authors who inspired Dan Leach! Here are a few book recommendations that capture the true essence of Southern Literature! Happy reading!

Nothing Can Stay Gold by Ron Rash

Ron Rash’s Nothing Can Stay Gold is a collection of fourteen short stories set in Appalachia, including “The Trusty”, which first appeared in The New Yorker. Taking place in various time periods, ranging from the Civil War to present day, the stories focus on the unforgettable lives of those whom have been haunted by violence, hope, and fear in Appalachia. Like Fire and Floods, these short stories cover a variety of topics such as family, tragedy, love, and trust, and you won’t want to put them down.



Calloustown by George Singleton

Calloustown is the seventh collection from Southern short story specialist, George Singleton, who was an inspiration to Dan Leach. In Calloustown, George Singleton explores the inhabitants of the small town in South Carolina, mostly through the perspective of an older male who often references his wife. Singleton explores families, religion, politics, and various other stories that range from deeply affecting to wildly absurd in the fifteen short stories that make up novel.



Facing the Music by Larry Brown

In Larry Brown’s first book, Facing the Music, he writes ten short stories about love. Love is often seen as a wonderful, cherished feeling, but in Brown’s short stories, he writes about the darker side this emotion brings. Brown writes how love can remain graceful, even if there maybe hardships involved, such as violence and drinking. Facing the Music’s brutally honest stories capture the struggles many loved ones experience and makes the reader stop and think about true meaning of love.


The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy

Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides follows the forty-year story of Tom Wingo and his talented, but troubled, twin sister Savannah. Tom and Savannah struggle to overcome their family’s dark and tragic legacy into which they were born.  The Prince of Tides is considered one of Pat Conroy’s best novels as he describes the beauty of low country South Carolina, all the way to upstate New York. Conroy captures the burden that family can often cause but which is the true essence of love and struggle.