Health Benefits of Reading

Did you know that March is National Reading Month? Let’s celebrate this awesome month by looking at the ways reading can positively affect our health!

  1. Reading gives your brain a workout.Our minds are passive when we watch TV, but when we read, they are actively involved. Pick up a book to flex your mind muscles!
  1. It helps improve memory. Every new memory we gain creates a new structure in our brain that helps us maintain the memories we have and strengthen our new ones. So when you’re reading a book and storing away little details about the characters and plot, you’re creating new pathways in your brain!
  1. Reading may prevent Alzheimer’s. Several studies show that reading can slow down cognitive decline by 32%! In fact, older adults who read regularly are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease!
  1. Knowledge is power! The more you read, the more you learn. Every book expands your knowledge base, improves your vocabulary, and increases your analytical thinking skills.
  1. Reading makes us better writers. Reading a well-written book allows us to absorb the author’s unique tone, style, and diction, and we subconsciously absorb those elements and try to mimic them in our own writing. The more you read, the better of a writer you’ll become! (Not a health benefit, but still very beneficial!)
  1. It helps with concentration. Reading requires your full concentration, and that discipline can help you focus more fully on other tasks.
  1. Stress relief! Picking up an enjoyable book or magazine is a great way to escape from life’s daily stresses, and it’s healthy to boot! Reading for a few minutes can even reduce your heart rate and help relax your tense muscles.
  1. It helps improve your mood. When we read, we leave our own worries and anxieties behind, which can help stabilize our moods.
  1. Reading can help ease depression. Identifying with book characters helps us feel less alone, and reading about healthy relationships can promote positive relationships in your own life.
  1. Reading can help you sleep. There’s always that one really boring book that will put you to sleep. 😉

2 Comments on “Health Benefits of Reading”

  1. It was really nice when you pointed out that reading will help me learn a few more things since each book will improve my vocabulary and analytical thinking skills. I have never been an expert when it comes to analysis, so it was good to know that reading can improve this part of me. There is a book that I have taken an interest in. Perhaps, I should get one and start reading. Thank you.

  2. I never knew that reading for a few minutes can actually lower your heart rate! My wife and I have been trying to prepare our son for elementary school, and one of the things that we are doing is getting our son to read more. I will be sure to tell my wife that not only is our son getting ready for school, but he is also lowering his heart rate!

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