5 Gift Ideas for Your UNG Graduate

It’s time to celebrate the graduating Nighthawk in your life! Over the past few years, they worked hard and sacrificed sleep, and now they’re taking flight. Celebrate their success with a gift that will last forever.

1. UNG The Gold I See!

Written by UNG President Dr. Bonita Jacobs, the first book in the UNG Legacy series follows Benjamin Smith, his daughter Jamie, and grandson Tommy as they visit UNG’s Dahlonega Campus. Tommy wants to find UNG Dahlonega’s legendary treasure: the gold hidden somewhere on campus.

A watercolor depiction of Nigel the Nighthawk. NIgel's head and wings are a rich blue and his stomach and beak are bright gold.
“Nigel the Nighthawk,” from UNG The Gold I See, illustrated by J’Nelle Short

All proceeds from the UNG Legacy series go to student scholarships across the five UNG campuses: Blue Ridge, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville, and Oconee.

2. A Diploma Frame

Diplomas are printed on different paper than you use daily, and a good quality diploma frame protects again UV rays so your diploma won’t fade. Cheap frames can let in moisture and make your diploma susceptible to paper damage, but these frames are often out of a new-graduate’s budget.

3. New Army Officer’s Survival Guide

If your Nighthawk recently commissioned, New Army Officer’s Survival Guide is the ideal gift. Combining dozens of resources into a single and easily readable volume a cadet or junior officer can carry with them, this book aids junior officers’ success by blending in author Levi Floeter’s first-hand experiences from over forty-one months in two separate Company Commands to personally advise and cover many lessons that most officers learn the hard way.

4. UNG Postcards

Each graduate takes a different path, and they’ll be separated from close friends for the first time. Gifting your Nighthawk some UNG postcards will help them stay close to their favorite people, no matter how much distance is between them.

5. Their Own Nigel

No matter where they land, our students will always be Nighthawks. A Nigel key chain or plush helps keep their memories close—and can be passed on to their own Nighthawk graduate one day in the future.

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