Free Peak Friday–Stonepile Writer’s Anthology–Gypsy of the Mountain

Gypsy of the Mountain

Carol A. Chester


Like a little moonlight.

Like to give a show.

Like a lot of music

In my soul.

Here I go….

Wanderin’, wanderin’

Barefoot dreamer

Fiddlin’ singer

Travelin’ onward as I roam

You can’t catch me

You can’t stop me

But you can

Watch me go.

Dancin’ like lightenin’

Crossin’ those mountains

Singin’ and shoutin’

Puttin’ some rosin

On my bow

Come on….Come on


This poem was reprinted from The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology with the Author’s permission.  For information on how to order The Stonepile Writers’ Anthologies, click here.