First Line Friday: “Yesterday was our anniversary and I completely forgot.”

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“Yesterday was our anniversary and I completely forgot.”

Yesterday was our anniversary and I completely forgot. I snuck out of bed to make her favorite cappuccino. I whipped up an omelet and chopped fruit. I had to make this morning perfect in hopes that she would forgive me. She floated down the stairs and kissed me lightly on the cheek, her eyes fighting to stay open.

“Good morning dear.”

“Good morning. What’s the special occasion?”

“Well, do you know what yesterday was?”

“Um, Friday?” she guessed.

“It was our anniversary. I forgot, and I’m sorry.”

“Oh yeah, me too. Let’s just pretend it’s yesterday.”

Collette Whittemore

Yesterday was our anniversary and I completely forgot. I was done for. I would never live it down. He must be so mad, he didn’t say a single word about it.

13 years! I haven’t forgotten our anniversary once in 13 years!

As Jacob ran around frantically, Owen watched with amusement. He had forgotten to change the calendar that month (their anniversary wasn’t for another two days) but Jacob clearly didn’t know that. Owen watched his husband panic a moment more before interrupting him with a hug.

“Come on,” Owen whispered. “Let’s get breakfast.”

Jillian Murphy

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