First Line Friday: “The secluded shore had always been their favorite place.”

In our quest to encourage creativity, we post a writing prompt every other Friday. Write a story with the prompt as the first line. Share your story below or on social media using the tag #FirstLineFriday. We can’t wait to see your stories!

“Charlene slumped into her car, exhausted.”

The secluded shore had always been their favorite place. They had found the corner years ago and named it Castle Cove. The memories of it still haunted him. Trevor’s shrink told him returning might heal something. Memories of her laughter rolled over him with the sound of waves, and he landed in the sand with a thud. This wasn’t better. He let out the sobs he had held back when she passed, when her mother had collapsed in his arms, when they buried her. He didn’t want to be strong anymore. He just wanted to miss her.

Ariana Adams

The secluded shore had always been their favorite place. The view of the busy city was blocked by trees, and the shape of the cove always caught a cool breeze.

Jackie picked up a stray piece of driftwood and threw it as hard as she could. A ball of yellow fur raced after it. The dog kicked up sand as he ran, and Jackie—while laughing at his excitement—had to spit out the pieces that flew in her mouth.

The furball returned with his prize and he fought when Jackie took it from him. But she threw the driftwood and he was off again, tail wagging.

Yes, the secluded shore had always been their favorite place.

Jillian Murphy

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