New Books Coming This Fall!

The fall season is nearly here, and we can’t wait to get these books into your hands!

Preorder Combat to College, out September 20, 2022.
PB: 978-1-940771-96-0
Combat to College:
Applying the Military Mentality as a Student Veteran

By John H. Davis
September 20, 2022

Check out this no-nonsense college guide for veterans navigating the evergreen military-to-civilian struggle. In ten straightforward lessons designed by a veteran for veterans, you will learn how to navigate the transition to civilian life, build your team and resume, deal with political professors, and endure to graduation. An official AUSA Book Program title.

Praise for Combat to College
“A slim and motivating volume for veterans about to head off for school”
Kirkus Reviews

“Every single veteran I know struggles adjusting to college life. Here is the solution.”
—Samuel Brooks, Army Ranger, Bronze Star, Purple Heart Recipient

“John H. Davis gives some really great advice on what to do and what not to do when you are a veteran trying to go back to school amongst civilians….Davis teaches that constantly evaluating oneself, pushing to the limits, and reaching outside of your comfort zone is where success lies.” 5 Stars
—Manhattan Book Review

Preorder Combat to College through your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or on

Preorder The Hammerhead Chronicles, out November 15, 2022.
PB: 978-1-940771-77-9
The Hammerhead Chronicles

By Scott Gould
November 15, 2022

For fans of Southern literary fiction with a twist of dark humor. The latest novel from critically acclaimed Southern storyteller Scott Gould, The Hammerhead Chronicles explores the effects of grief, racism, homophobia, revenge, love, and loss on an oddball cast of contemporary characters in a small, fictitious South Carolina town . . . oh, and it’s funny.

Praise for The Hammerhead Chronicles
”This book reads so fast and so funny that you don’t mind when it grabs you first by the lapels and then by something inside your chest.”
—Elise Blackwell, author of Hunger and The Lower Quarter

“The storytelling here sizzles with wit and wild play, with plot that terrifyingly and thrillingly jumps the tracks, and with perfect storms of reliable and unreliable revelations.”
—Kevin McIlvoy, author of One Kind Favor

“Beautifully crafted, told in a chorus of original voices, The Hammerhead Chronicles evokes its characters in such a way as to render them somehow nextdoor familiar but also as mysterious and complicated as life itself. . . . I read these pages with serious admiration.”
—Michael Knight, author of Eveningland and At Briarwood School for Girls

Preorders will be available soon through your local bookstore, AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other retailers.

New in Open Textbooks
The Fundamentals of Healthcare, out August 2022.
ISBN: 978-1-940771-88-5
The Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration

August 2022
An ALG and eCore partner text

For students pursuing careers in healthcare administration.

Principles of Leadership, out November 2022.
ISBN: 978-1-940771-97-7
Principles of Leadership

November 2022
An ALG and eCore partner text

For students pursuing careers in public administration.

Latinx Media, out August 2022.
ISBN: 978-1-959203-00-1
Principles of Leadership

August 2022
An ALG Affordable Materials Grant partner text

This open-access textbook delves into the vibrant phenomenon of film, television, and digital media by and about the Latinx community, introducing readers to the core concepts in each of these media studies fields.

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