Committed as a Teaching Press: Literary Agents and Proofreading

The University Press of North Georgia is proud to be a teaching press and is committed to providing NGCSU college students with real-life instructions and internship experience in a variety of different arenas of publishing.  One of the ways this is accomplished is through the “Intro to Publishing” class offered by the English Department and taught by Dr. Bonnie Robinson, UPNG Director.

Ben Helton, a student in Intro to Publishing , shares about what they are learning in class:

This week, Dr. Robinson will be addressing literary agents, as well as legal aspects of publishing… Dr. Robinson always conveys a genuine enthusiasm about the given points of discussion and her desire to provide options for the student in terms of a potential career path.

Although we have briefly discussed literary agents, I am looking forward on delving more deeply into the topic. Since I am interested in both creative writing and serving as a literary agent, this lecture willallow me to have a greater grasp of what it may be like to work with a literary agent, while
simultaneously gaining insight in regard to what working as a literary agent entails.

In preparation for this week’s in-class meeting, we were asked to finds mistakes online or in any publication as a proofreading assignment… These editing responsibilities were divided between two to three individuals, and serve as further practice to sharpen our skills as editors.