Committed as a Teaching Press: Copyediting and Digital Editing

The University Press of North Georgia is proud to be a teaching press and is committed to providing NGCSU college students with real-life instructions and internship experience in a variety of different arenas of publishing.  One of the ways this is accomplished is through the “Intro to Publishing” class offered by the English Department and taught by Dr. Bonnie Robinson, UPNG Director.

Continuing to learn about copyediting, the students have been focusing on learning proof reading symbols. Jason Dyer, our student of the week, stated that

Whether one is a writer or an editor, it is essential to understand the meaning of proof reading symbols and editorial jargon.

In order to properly understand the proofreading symbols, the students refer to The Chicago Manual of Style. The chart they have been using appears here.

The past few weeks, the students in “Intro to Publishing” have also been digging into different topics on their own and giving presentations on their findings, learning about teaching and researching in the process.  Jason Dyer explains what he has learned from this process:

Each week a student has delivered a ten-minute presentation on a given topic that relates to the course material.  Last week Cara Cunningham spoke about online copyediting.  She shared essential information on Microsoft track changes as the standard medium for digital editing.  She also spoke about the many types of companies that specialize in online copyediting. By pointing the way to these companies, Cara blazed the trail for any ambitious student with the desire to seek immediate employment.  The common thread of the presentations, each week a student opens a doorway into a different aspect of the publishing industry exposing students to a new set of opportunities.  This coming Tuesday we will discover the fascinating world of indexing with Rachel Alsup.

From the students I have spoken with on campus, they seem to really enjoy this class and the practical skills they learn from it.  Jason was no exception, declaring:

Personally, I appreciate the dynamics of this class.  Seamless integration of student participation, online learning, and open communication within the boundaries of a solid framework built by Dr. Robinson reflect the essence of a true teaching press.