Cassidy Webber: My Journey to Publishing

IMG_3679Hello, everyone! My name is Cassidy Webber, and I’m an English: Writing and Publication major here at the University of North Georgia. It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the publishing industry.

Books and literature have surrounded me since I was very small; I even walked into my kindergarten class knowing how to read. My mother always impressed upon me the importance of literature and writing. She always reminded me that everyone writes and that no matter the subject, every discipline has books. They need books. The connection between writing and other disciplines has been very clear to me for most of my life, but I didn’t always know my place was in publishing.

I ventured into journalism while in high school, and that’s where I found my love for writing and editing. After attending journalism conferences, I learned the ins and outs of reporting and found the fast-paced atmosphere stimulating but I couldn’t find the fire that I was searching for in news reporting.

I took a step back from writing after that. While my passion for English and writing was obvious, the road to a publishing career wasn’t. I found myself straying into forensic sciences and behavioral analysis, and I followed this fascination into college. I did, however, continue to edit my friends’ papers, and when they would show me their (most often) good grade, I felt the spark of joy and passion again.

Luckily, it only took one semester for me to realize that law enforcement wasn’t for me. My heart was in writing and editing, and while I want to have my name on the cover of a novel one day, I find incredible joy in helping others find their vision. With the guidance of my dedicated professors, I learned more about the opportunities that allowed me to do just that.

At the University of North Georgia Press, I hope to hone the skills I’ve gained throughout my college career to help find the next great story and share my passion with the masses.