Books We Love – Week 3

The Rebel

Photo Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Author: Albert Camus

Genre: Sociology

Vive la révolution? In Albert Camus’s book-length, sociological essay, he looks at the development of rebellion and revolution, particularly in Western Europe. Originally written in French, the novel explores the motivation for revolution based on basic human rejection of normative justice and the inevitable failure of attempts at human perfection. Camus also discussion the rise of “utopian” society and “materialist idealism” that aid in the rebellion losing touch with its original platform.

If you’re looking for an incredibly relevant and cerebral read, this is the novel for you.


I’ll Give You the Sun

Author: Jandy Nelson

Photo Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Genre: Family Drama, Mystery, Young Adult Fiction

Jude and Noah are twins who are inseparable. Noah is isolated and loves to draw, while Jude is as outspoken as her personality. Three years later, however, the twins barely speak to each other. With Noah and Jude having two different halves of the story, can they reconcile their relationship?

This young adult novel steeped in suspense and mystery is sure to have you hanging on every word. If you find yourself of a fan of John Greene or Dave Levithan, this one is a must-read.



Author: Michael Pollan

Genre: Food Histories

Photo Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Fire, water, air, earth. Pollan ventures into uncharted territory to find out how the four elements transform our food. Between grilling with fire and fermenting beer and cheese, he explores the role of the cook not only in the kitchen but in the balance of nature and culture. Pollan learns the art of how grain, water, and heat come together to create a delicious loaf of bread and the magic behind fermenting.

Pollan pushes it a little further and looks into cooking as a kind of social and ecological glue that connects family, friends, and simply people in general. For a thought-provoking and educational piece, Cooked is sure to satisfy culinary craving. Also, check out its docu-series on Netflix that recently launched on Feb. 19th!





Be sure to check in next week for the last installment of “Books We Love,” and let us know what some of your favorites are in the comments!