The Basics of Global Politics Book Launch Information

The Basics of Global Politics releases today! Here’s everything you need to know about this low-cost textbook.

The front cover of The Basics of Global Politics (UNG Press, 2021). A world map with a thumbprint pressed over it.
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The Basics of Global Politics

The Basics of Global Politics is an introduction to world politics for any beginner political science student. This textbook reviews domestic and international politics, political ideologies, and explores additional critical lenses, such as feminist and environmental theory. A full glossary is included.


  • In-depth analysis of realism, liberalism, and constructivism
  • Explains changing approaches to international relations after major global conflicts
  • Discusses global trends, obstacles, and developing identities in international relations

Raluca Viman-Miller, Ph.D.
Dlynn Armstrong Williams, Ph.D.

 Dr. Raluca Viman-Miller has published on issues such as the impact of migration on political behavior, political communication, and regional and bilateral relations with implications on the European security.

Dr. Dlynn Williams has received awards in both teaching and scholarship. She has been recognized for her internationalization efforts nationally. Due to her strong interest in internationalization, she served as the founding Director of UNG’s Center for Global Engagement (CGE).

Contributing Authors
Craig Greathouse, Ph.D.
Jake Greear, Ph.D.
Christian Harris, Ph.D.
Scott Meachum, Ph.D.
Jonathan Miner, Ph.D.
Nathan Price, Ph.D.
Sam Rohrer, Ph.D.
Jennifer Schiff, Ph.D.
Seyed Hamid Serri, Ph.D.
Laurel Wei, Ph.D.
Dwight Wilson, Ph.D.

Table of Contents

Basics of Global Politics
Chapter 1: Basic Concepts, Actors, and Influences
Chapter 1: The Rise of Modern Politics

Theories of Global Politics
Chapter 3: Power Politics
Chapter 4: Liberalism and Alternatives to Power Politics
Chapter 5: Social and Gender Theories

Global Structures and Processes
Chapter 6: Foreign Policy
Chapter 7: State and Non-State Violence: War and Terrorism
Chapter 8: Security and Military Power
Chapter 9: International Organizations, International Law, and Human Security
Chapter 10: NGOs and World Politics
Chapter 11: Global and Regional Governance

Globalization and its Impact
Chapter 12: International Political Economy and Globalization
Chapter 13: Global Trends in Business and Finances
Chapter 14: Development, North-South Gap, and International Aid
Chapter 15: Environment and Population
Chapter 16: Identities in International Relations


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