About Lawrence Weill

Lawrence Weill

Lawrence Weill is an author and artist in western Kentucky.  His debut novel Incarnate came out in March 2013 and a non-fiction book, Out in Front, was published in 2009.  His second novel, I’m in the Room, is due late this year.  He writes novels, short fiction, non-fiction articles and books, creative non-fiction, and poetry. His work has appeared in a wide range of local, regional, and national journals.  He also is a visual artist working in graphite, oils, metal and wood.

Prior to his life as a writer and visual artist, Lawrence worked in academia, as a professor of philosophy and ethics for some twenty-five years, then as an academic dean and later as a college president.  He holds degrees in mathematics, humanities, and higher education.

Dr. Weill and his wife live in the woods overlooking a beaver pond next to a wildlife preserve.  Lawrence is also an avid outdoorsman and gardener.

Please visit his website: www.lawrenceweill.com for updates and to enjoy his visual art.  He also has a Facebook page for his literary works.