A Goodbye to my Time at the Press

The semester is coming to an end, as is my time with the UNG Press. This has been such a great experience that I am so thankful for!

When I first began this internship, I had no idea how much I would be learning. I have gotten to edit and proofread some really cool documents that have helped me develop my editing skills. I loved getting to write blog posts! I enjoyed seeing how a production schedule works and all of the work that goes into making sure each book is ready to be printed. All of the work that I have done over the semester has helped me to be a better writer, editor, and worker. I have gained so many new skills as well as a new understanding and appreciation for how a publishing press works. I am very excited to see where I go from here! Hopefully, more opportunities with publishing presses await me!

I would like to thank everyone at the Press for all of your hard work and dedication. Specifically, I would like to thank Corey Parson and Dr. B.J. Robinson. Dr. Robinson encouraged me to apply for this internship when I took her class last fall, and she helped me develop a deeper interest in publishing. Thank you for getting me started! Corey has been such a great mentor! I cannot thank her enough for all of her feedback and encouragement through this whole process. Thank you both for everything!

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