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Mar 07

A Look at Trench Warfare in “Over the Top”

  Trench warfare is a type of war strategy involving both sides digging deep trenches to defend against the enemy. In the fifty years leading up to World War I (WWI), there were many technological advances in modern warfare, making WWI a war fought in fire power–more than any past war preceding it. On the …

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Feb 16

Preserving WW1 History: An Editor’s Note by David Scott Stieghan

I am excited to announce that 100 years after the initial publication Arthur Guy Empey’s Over the Top is available in a new edition in April 2017. It has been my dream to someday see this important work back in print so that another generation of readers could enjoy this wartime best-seller. As part of …

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Jan 26

The Forgotten American Who Went: Arthur Guy Empey

Many are familiar with war-themed novels like The Red Badge of Courage (1895) and All Quiet on the Western Front (1929), but few have ever heard of Over the Top by Arthur Guy Empey.  Arthur Guy Empey and his first book Over the Top (1917) redefined war literature. Over the Top hit shelves in 1917 …

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