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Mar 28

Coming Soon: Turn Back Before Baghdad!

The long awaited day is almost here, the Turn Back Before Baghdad release is right around the corner! Author Laurence Jolidon takes a unique perspective on the historically significant Operation Desert storm, focusing on the role of the media in wartime and the relations between the military and civilian reporters in this title. Starting April 18th, Turn Back …

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Mar 20

While You Wait for “Turn Back Before Baghdad”

As you may know, the Press has an upcoming release about the Persian Gulf War called Turn Back Before Baghdad. It takes place 25 years ago during Operation Desert Storm. This was a tumultuous time in which Saddam Hussein was given a choice: withdraw his troops by January 15, 1991 or face the wrath of …

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Mar 07

A Look at Trench Warfare in “Over the Top”

  Trench warfare is a type of war strategy involving both sides digging deep trenches to defend against the enemy. In the fifty years leading up to World War I (WWI), there were many technological advances in modern warfare, making WWI a war fought in fire power–more than any past war preceding it. On the …

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Feb 15

Two Months Away: Turn Back Before Baghdad Release!

The release of Turn Back Before Baghdad is only two short months away! Here’s another look at the work and its author—both of which the Press has been honored to work with. Overview In the early morning hours of January 12, 1991, telephones rang in the rooms of a dozen or so newspaper and wire service reporters …

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Feb 06

“Turn Back Before Baghdad” Cover Reveal!

The long-awaited, new edition of Laurence Jolidon’s novel, Turn Back Before Baghdad, will be launching on April 8, 2017. To tie you over until then, here’s the beautiful cover of this highly anticipated wartime novel.  

Feb 03

Upcoming Release: Turn Back Before Baghdad!

Turn Back Before Baghdad travels back in time to a quarter century ago to the morning of January 12, 1991. There was a scramble by the news outlets to reach their Eastern Saudi Arabia stationed reporters, because it happened, war was inevitably coming, and Saddam Hussein was refusing to surrender his claim on the oil …

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Jan 23

“Targeting Discretion” Book Launch

The University of North Georgia Press is proud to announce the launch of its new title, Targeting Discretion: A Guide for Command Staff, Frontline Officers, and Students by Dr. Casey LaFrance. It’s hard to not have police matters in at least the periphery of your mind. News of shootings and other police conduct seem to …

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Jan 23

New Release! Targeting Discretion: A Guide for Command Staff, Frontline Officers, and Students

Over the past few weeks you all have read about our forthcoming title, Targeting Discretion: A Guide for Command Staff, Frontline Officers, and Students by Dr. Casey LaFrance and have anticipated its launch. Well, the wait is finally over! Today you c an finally purchase your copy of LaFrance’s Targeting Discretion: A Guide for Command …

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