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Feb 20

“Over the Top” and Wartime News Reporting

On January 28, 2017, American special forces touched down in Yemen for what Financial Times is calling “the most significant antiterrorism operation since [the 2016] election.” While the raid resulted successful in the capture of crucial intelligence, several American service members were injured or killed. Taking place on a Saturday evening, news outlets gathered enough …

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Feb 16

Preserving WW1 History: An Editor’s Note by David Scott Stieghan

I am excited to announce that 100 years after the initial publication Arthur Guy Empey’s Over the Top is available in a new edition in April 2017. It has been my dream to someday see this important work back in print so that another generation of readers could enjoy this wartime best-seller. As part of …

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Feb 15

“Targeting Discretion” Book Signing PSA

Casey LaFrance, author of one of the Press’s newest releases Targeting Discretion, will be introducing his new book at New Copperfield’s Book Service this Saturday, February 18. He will be doing signings from 10am to noon and 1pm to 3pm. New Copperfield’s Book Service is located at 120 North Side Square, Macomb, IL 61455 The …

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Feb 06

“Turn Back Before Baghdad” Cover Reveal!

The long-awaited, new edition of Laurence Jolidon’s novel, Turn Back Before Baghdad, will be launching on April 8, 2017. To tie you over until then, here’s the beautiful cover of this highly anticipated wartime novel.  

Feb 03

Upcoming Release: Turn Back Before Baghdad!

Turn Back Before Baghdad travels back in time to a quarter century ago to the morning of January 12, 1991. There was a scramble by the news outlets to reach their Eastern Saudi Arabia stationed reporters, because it happened, war was inevitably coming, and Saddam Hussein was refusing to surrender his claim on the oil …

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Jan 26

The Forgotten American Who Went: Arthur Guy Empey

Many are familiar with war-themed novels like The Red Badge of Courage (1895) and All Quiet on the Western Front (1929), but few have ever heard of Over the Top by Arthur Guy Empey.  Arthur Guy Empey and his first book Over the Top (1917) redefined war literature. Over the Top hit shelves in 1917 …

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Dec 26

Questioning LaFrance: An Author Interview

Q1 Who would find your book appealing or useful? Law enforcement managers, frontline officers, scholars, students of criminal justice and public administration, media officials, and members of the general public would benefit from the frank assessment of the decision-making landscape in which policing decisions must be made.   Q2 What does your book reveal about …

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Dec 17

Targeting Discretion: Sneak Peak!

 Last week we promised a sneak peak into our forthcoming title, Targeting Discretion by Casey LaFrance, so click here to read online or download a sample chapter of Dr. LaFrance’s book!

Dec 05

The Man Behind the Model: An Introduction to Dr. Casey LaFrance

With all the discussion about police discretion, Dr. Casey LaFrance’s Targeting Discretion could not be an more timely. Police discretion and its importance may be a bit more obvious but you may not know much about the man behind the material. Dr. Casey LaFrance is an associate professor in the department of political science at Western …

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Nov 21

Coming Soon- Targeting Discretion

Casey LaFrance has spent years researching police discretion, a hot topic when he began his research and an equally relevant topic now. LaFrance questions the lines drawn between discretion and protocol and when it is acceptable for police to use discretion rather than follow protocol. LaFrance offers a new model of discretion that he calls …

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