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At the UNG Press, we think of ourselves as educators first, publishers second. That’s why we’re so committed to open educational resources (OER) and open pedagogy. These are seven OER and low-cost textbooks that will help you and your students learn without breaking the bank. Our OERs are under a CC BY 4.0 license, which means you can reuse, transform, and redistribute the content so long as you provide attribution.

1) Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning
ISBN: 978-1-940771-29-8
$29.99 / OER: free digital version

Introduction to Art offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of Art. Authored by four USG faculty members with advance degrees in the arts, this textbook offers up-to-date original scholarship. It includes over 400 high-quality images illustrating the history of art, its technical applications, and its many uses. Combining the best elements of both a traditional textbook and a reader, it introduces such issues in art as its meaning and purpose; its structure, material, and form; and its diverse effects on our lives.

2) Contribute a Verse: An Introduction to First Year Composition
ISBN: 978-1-940771-21-2
$29.99 / OER: free digital version

Contribute a Verse combines a composition rhetoric manual with grammar and documentation instruction and resources, components that can be flexibly arranged to fit instructors’s classroom plans. It includes a standard rhetoric instruction, information and practice for Standard English Grammar, and guidelines for the four most common documentation styles. The textbook also includes a glossary of pertinent terms and ancillary instructor resources.

3) Principles of Financial Accounting
ISBN: 978-1-940771-15-1
$29.99 / OER: free digital version

Principles of Financial Accounting is a needed contribution to open source pedagogy in the business education world. Written in order to directly meet the needs of her students, this textbook developed from Dr. Christine Jonick’s years of teaching and commitment to effective pedagogy. Features include over 100 charts and graphs, instructional exercises appearing both in-text and for Excel, and resources for student professional development. There is also a companion book: Principles of Managerial Accounting.

4) The Basics of American Government (Third Edition)
ISBN: 978-1-940771-41-0
$27.99 / OER: free digital version

The Basics of American Government offers a comprehensive overview of the American political system for students taking introductory courses in American national government and combines the best aspects of both a traditional textbook and a reader. Chapters offer a piece of original scholarship as a case study bolstering the material presented and present a civic engagement-type exercise and discussion questions that help foster student participation in the political system. An ancillary instructor website is available.

5) Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy
ISBN: 978-1-940771-49-6
$14.99 / OER: free digital version

Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy makes grammar accessible to general and specialist readers alike. This book provides an in-depth look at beginner grammar terms and concepts, providing clear examples with limited technical jargon. Whether for academic or personal use, Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy is the perfect addition to any resource library. Features include practice exercises at the end of each chapter, with answers in the back of the book, to help students test and correct their comprehension, a full glossary and index with cross-references, and easy-to-read language supports readers at every learning stage.

6) The Basics of Global Politics
ISBN: 978-1-940771-84-7


The Basics of Global Politics is an introduction to world politics for any beginner political science student. This book reviews domestic and international politics, political ideologies, and explores additional critical lenses, such as feminist and environmental theory. Features include in-depth analysis of realism, liberalism, and constructivism; explanations of changing approaches to international relations after major global conflicts; and discussions of global trends, obstacles, and developing identities in international relations.

7) Writing the Nation: A Concise Introduction to American Literature 1865 to Present
ISBN: 978-1-940771-34-2
$59.99 / OER: free digital version Readers of Writing the Nation will encounter a comprehensive collection of over seventy-five short stories, poems, and novel selections that encompass the distinct writing styles of historical American writers. The text takes students on an academic journey from Late Romanticism to Modernism and the present. Each chapter begins with a brief author biography and includes a concise introduction to the time period and how certain societal, economical, and political factors influenced writers in that era.

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