5 Reasons Why You Should Read ‘Combat to College’

Combat to College: Applying the Military Mentality as a Student Veteran by John H. Davis is a fast-paced self-help book that encourages student veterans to apply the military mentality inside the classroom to take charge of their educational careers and build a strong future. Here are five reasons you should pick up Combat to College.

1. Author John Davis has been in your shoes

Returning to college at any point in one’s educational career is daunting, but when you add a military background that may include anxiety and PTSD, it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed and feeling like an outsider. John Davis, community college dropout turned Harvard graduate, knows exactly how you feel. Combat to College contains the tools to fight the anxiety and fears that can surface when entering the classroom again. Building off of his personal experiences and those of the veterans he has mentored, Davis’s step-by-step manual will give you confidence to face your next battle: returning to college. His witty commentary and military terminology will make those of you with a military background feel at ease.

“When I entered that college campus, I felt like an alien. . . . Outwardly, I projected that I knew exactly what I was doing, but inwardly, I had serious doubts about myself and my academic abilities.”

John H. Davis, Combat to College

2. You’ll learn how to build your resume

John Davis describes how building your resume is just as important as earning your diploma when going back to college as a student veteran. Don’t expect tips about how to pad your resume with keywords; Combat to College explains the diverse opportunities that college provides to truly better yourself as a person and college student and teaches you how to portray that growth to future employers and colleagues. Personal examples from the author provide realistic interactions you may find yourself experiencing. According to Davis, a great resume is considered a bridge to your new employer, showing them how you grew as a person from college to graduation and beyond.

3. You’ll learn to work with difficult professors

Pick your professors wisely! Not only will this advice apply to student veterans but also to anyone else struggling to transition to college life. You are in charge of your schedule and the professors you select; however, there are going to be times you get a professor or are assigned to a leader you disagree with, and that’s okay. John Davis has an entire chapter dedicated to picking the right professor for you and how he learned to navigate this struggle in the military, college, and everyday life.

4. You’ll find a sense of community

The military mentality is based upon a sense of community. Becoming a student veteran is no different, and Combat to College covers the ups and downs of trying to find that community. As a student veteran, you may feel alone and at a loss while juggling school with other responsibilities in your life. However, you are not alone! Davis explains the importance of building a team and reaching out your hand to everyone. A sense of community will make or break your experience, and as Davis touches on in the book, don’t be afraid to look stupid. You are not the only one feeling like an outsider!

5. Any student can tap into the military mentality

Combat to College is not strictly for student veterans. Yes, that is the primary audience, seeing as the author of the book is a student veteran himself, but the military mentality he teaches in the book can be applied to anyone. He teaches the importance of military values of grit, endurance, and discipline and how they are beneficial to everyone, specifically in a classroom setting. It’s important to be respectful to your leaders, or in this case, professors. Show up to class on time and actually pay attention. Combat to College is ultimately a guide to help any student find their way into the world of academia.

“Self-improvement takes courage, guts, and grit. Staying in the comfort zone is easy, but we are supposed to change and grow.”

John H. Davis, Combat to College

Going back to school at any age can be overwhelming, especially for student veterans. You are not alone! Find your community, build your resume, and learn the military mentality alongside your peers with Combat to College. The sooner you take charge of your education and future, the sooner you will see results. Good luck, and happy reading!

Combat to College releases this month on September 20. If you or someone you know is a student veteran, has a military background, or is just interested in the military mentality, order the book today through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your preferred bookseller.

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